Volvo C303 ring and pinion


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Volvo C303 ring and pinion. Reinforced. Choose your ratio.

We use it for racing. Choose the original ratio that’s also reinforced of course or choose our racing ratio!

Aviable 5.15:1 or 5.99:1 for c304-c306 with PTO splines for middle axle

this gears are for racing use  and instalation need experienced mehanic skills, no warranty

10% louder than original

for europe costumers we can do instalation

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5.15:1, 6:1

1 review for Volvo C303 ring and pinion

  1. Finland off road lover

    We deal with Volvo C303 parts. And it is very hard to find parts for these portal axles. Furthermore, it is even harder to find custom gearings and reinforced parts. tested already and it works just like they said. Shipping was reasonable. price was OK too

    • emilio

      And furthermore. It is hard to find people that use Volvo C303 axles. and we are glad you liked and tested our products!

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