We had a lot of customers in our history. We will present you some of the most remembered buyers who did a great job of promoting our products. Life-long friendships and best cooperation possible!

We would definitely like to start with the winning car of the Rainforest Challenge Malaysia 2016. Our first parts ever sold to Malaysia brought a magnificent title for the Maxxis Club Malaysia. Almost 80% of all axle parts were built by us and there was no failures at all! Spyder gears, reinforced locker cups, halfshafts, ring and pinion … As a consequence of this success, Luis Wee recognized us as a strong brand and gave us a big thumbs up as a sign of the RFC family support.

And then there is a proto that recently won a Russian Off Road championship race with our Tornado as the main winch. There is also Marlo Geisler who mounted it on his Suzuki based proto. And the most interesting – Ron Wildeman who traveled in his Volvo TGB all the way from Netherlands to the Croatia Trophy, finished the race in the very same Volvo and returned home in it. Here’s what he says about the Tornado:
“Just wanted to let you guys know i love your products! I used a Tornado winch front and rear during the Croatia Trophy and it pulled a 2500kg Volvo trough 8 days of the hardest offroad trophy in Europe. Real nice how you can use the 1st gear for very heavy winching and it just does not stop. 2nd gear for rewinding the rope on the drum and it is so fast!! The rearwinch is fitted with the discbrake for downhill sections and worked perfect also; you can go as fast or as slow as you wish but always in full control of the car. Just perfect.
During stage 6 the winch has been submerged in deep water many times and we even had it submerged for 1 hour non stop and used the winch in the water. There was not a drop of water inside the winch exactly like it is supposed to be.”

A short story about our PTO Winch drum.
“A short story with a ‘happy’ end. Although one of our cars finished the race with a broken wheel, this gave us an opportunity for a hardcore testing of our PTO winch. Longer story long: After a lost wheel in the middle of a muddy Topusko forest, our 6×6 TAM 150 recovery vehicle came to rescue. A fact is that a TAM 150 is a 9 ton army truck, with mud and the car included, it weighs about 11 tones. This was a perfect opportunity to sink deep down without a winch on the 6×6 vehicle. So what to do when you have 10 liters of fuel and the only way out is to use the winch? Well we did that. Fastened the vehicle to the platform, brought the rope over the roof of the TAM and tied to a tree…. and the car PTO was winching 11 tones of mud and iron through the rest of the stage… sorry for pulling out a few oaks etc… but that’s off roading…”

There is also a certain amount of Volvo disc brake conversions sold all over Europe. Our brakes are different, by doing the Toyota based conversion, you will gain a lot of width. With our conversion, the wheel distance stays the same. Don’t ask how we do it. The answer will be – years of experience. Ron Wildeman used this set at the Croatia Trophy, here’s what he says:
“We also use the discbrake-conversion on our TGB11 and it works perfect, stopping a 2500kg truck on 38’5 inch tires and we effortless block all 4 tires on the road! We drove the Volvo to Croatia from Holland 2x in the last year pulling a 2000kg trailer behind it, never a problem to stop the combination.
Thanks for helping us reaching our goals!”

A few photos of our Warn 8274 conversions. We offer a full range of products. This one wasn’t a full upgrade. Mladen Subotić from Bosnia.

Here is also a set of axles sent to a customer in Mongolia, these axles are equipped for Mercedes Benz G class and have all parts inside and outside aftermarket

All of the products we sell on our website were and are still tested by us and/or our customers, there is no point in publishing customers for each and every product. Here are some photos of our cars that are full of these products. A bunch of them!