City, 52420 BUZET, CROATIA
Adress, Selca 5
Location, 45.394843, 13.996238

It all started in a garage. Decades ago, we started to custom build as a hobby. Everything was just for our own enjoyment and fun!

After a few years, future customers were looking for our services, mostly repairing Jeep vehicles, modifications, repairs of electric winches and other custom parts.

As the popularity of Croatia Trophy grew, we decided to give it a try. And it was OK, but our goal was to finish the race in top 3.  And it was hard to achieve it. That was our motivation to push forward.

Eventually, our quality’s been recognized and we are proud of it. By leveraging our experience and capabilities, we were able to help this new enterprise get off the ground. A collaborative relationship was formed that continues to flourish to this day. And it was during this period that we were inspired to invest in new CNC machinery and various other tools.

KAMO OKO VIDI Off Road Industry is all about your satisfaction.

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Following is a short list of parts on our present cars

  • Engine based on customer preference, mostly LS remapped engines (550 – 700 HP)
  • Volvo C303 portal axles with ALL parts reinforced, including a custom made
  • Profender or King coilover shocks
  • PTO winch in the front, winch with disc brake in the back
  • Maxxis Trepadors, 37“ or 40“
  • Radiator in the back of the car
  • Full hydro steering, custom made dashboard with diagnostics screen, fiberglass hood etc…

As stated before, all the parts we produce were tested on our vehicles already. We do not sell products of

low quality or untested parts. Chrome moly reinforced and forged steel is the main material we use.

For some specific parts, we use bronze. There are some specific gearings in our Tornado electric winch that require a material we couldn’t find in a huge palette of steel materials.

Everything ranging from the simplest things all the way to complex products is CNC machined by us.

Our workshop is all about the same proven stuff that’s been keeping us alive. Evolution of these cars and our parts is constantly happening although the proven base always stays. And you can take that to the bank!

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