Portal gears (drop gears)

680.00 540.00

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Net amount: 540 €

Price with 25% tax: 675 €



After we encountered some problems with some aftermarket and original drop (portal) gears, we decided to produce our own prototype.
Compared to original or other aftermarket gears (33:16), we calculated a different module which makes the tooth ratio 31:15. The plan was to increase tooth surface and thickness. And we did it!!!

Paired with quality forging – we get one more product of amazing quality.
The product will soon be available in our webshop.

P.s. A question we received was this: “what if I break it, can I use a pair of original gears as a temporary spare part?”
Answer. Yes, you can, the ratio difference is very very small. But no worries, you will not break it…