Warn 8274 dual motor conversion


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A neverending problem usually is the gearing. You either get too much speed and not enough power or the other way around. That just wasn’t good enough for us. So we came up with an ideal solution.
After developing our Tornado dual speed winch with a gearbox, we decided to do something comparable for the Warn too.

As a result of all the engineering spirit, we developed a Warn top housing (dual or single motor) with a gearbox. The gearbox is operated by air. By letting the air inside the housing, the gears move and change the ratio inside the winch.

With our housing, you get a fast and a strong winch.
Just imagine a deep swamp and your copilot nose deep in mud cursing. That’s not a problem. But that and a Warn with not enough power, well, those two things combined could just be too much for you. So just release air, use the first gear and with a huge amount of power you’ll get out.
At the same event, you are racing for the win and a small steep climb is waiting for you at the end. The second gear will do the job, just apply air pressure to the housing and off you go. Speed guaranteed.
Now let’s imagine for a moment this performance powered by 24V. Now you have a mean machine on the nose of your car.

The development of this kind of products lasts for years in our workshop, many more things are waiting to be brought to daylight. We can proudly say we produce ultimate Volvo TGB portal axle parts, best in the world for sure. Racing cars, PTO winches, Tornado dual speed winches, Warn upgrades…

As any other product made in our workshop, this one is also made on CNC machines with top precision and no tolerance for mistakes. The style is elegant and the design combines the need for lightweight parts and good looks.
The gears inside are completely safe from water entering the housing, the steel is forged and strong. Everything is made of the best aluminum and steel as per our request.

The gearbox is operated by air. With no pressure inside, the first gear is on. When pressure is applied (the air for the lockers can be used) the gears are operated and the faster gearing becomes active and the winch operates in a different ratio.
First gear pulls 17% faster than original Warn, second gear is improved to 50% faster than original Warn.


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