PTO WINCH – gear drive


Please note that the product on the photo is not 100% finished and we currently don’t have a better photo. BUT PLEASE read the interesting anecdote about our winch below! There are some specs also.

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Net amount: 2500€

Price with 25% tax: 3.125€



Tornado PTO Drum



The primary purpose of our PTO drum is for self recovery of the racing vehicle. The winch was marketed as an approved accessory for all our racing vehicles and is sold in a kit on the car.

Speed of the winch can be calculated/explained in the following way. 
When the propshaft spins on 1000 rpm, the first layer of rope on our drum pulls around 47 meters per minute…
Now it all depends how fast does the propshaft spin, how many layers of rope are on the drum available etc…
It goes from 55 meters to faster, naked drum is 76mm in diameter, more rope on it (larger diameter) it pulls more rope at the same amount of time, thus the winch is faster
This is a calculation based on a theory that the propshaft spins on 1000 RPM.

Line Pull up to – read the story below
Gear Ratio – 3:1 or 5:1
Drum tube diameter – 76 mm
Drum diameter (sidewalls) – 259 mm
Drum length – default 280 mm, custom length possible
Drum accepts – 70 meters, 12 mm rope
Total weight – 55 KG
Total length – 660 mm

A short story with a ‘happy’ end. Although one of our cars finished the race with a broken wheel, this gave us an opportunity for a hardcore testing of our PTO winch. Longer story long: After a lost wheel in the middle of a muddy Topusko forest, our 6×6 TAM 150 recovery vehicle came to rescue. A fact is that a TAM 150 is a 9 ton army truck, with mud and the car included, it weighs about 11 tones. This was a perfect opportunity to sink deep down without a winch on the 6×6 vehicle. So what to do when you have 10 liters of fuel and the only way out is to use the winch? Well we did that. Fastened the vehicle to the platform, brought the rope over the roof of the TAM and tied to a tree…. and the car PTO was winching 11 tones of mud and iron through the rest of the stage… sorry for pulling out a few oaks etc… but that’s off roading…