Tornado PTO winch (Bolt on) Kit


THIS PRICE is an average. To get the correct quote, feel free to contact us to provide the make and model of the vehicle or the transfer case.

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Net amount: 2.500 €

Price with 25% tax: 3.125 €


Our power takeoff (PTO) winch kits are custom made to fit the transfer box of your vehicle. It is a kit with a manual included and it is moderately easy to install it with basic mechanical knowledge – FOR SOME VEHICLES. For other vehicles, your transfer case will have to be shipped to our workshop where we will be able to mount and adjust the PTO system.

PTO winches are one of the best solutions for recovering. It has been proven and the army is using it for decades.

This winch can be operated manualy or by air.

We are using customized Patrol TR transfer cases with PTO for our race cars and we hadn’t had a single problem. It is now time to make our “civilian” version public. Mount it on your transfer case and you’ll be ready to rock without an additional battery!


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