Portal axles with performance parts

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TO SEE THE FULL LIST of our products that could become a part of your new performance axle, you can visit THIS LINK and check out all our performance parts. I must say one thing, maybe you don’t need all of the parts listed below, that is why you should contact us for advice.

AXLE HOUSING, here we are talking about a set of Volvo axles housings in great condition. We take it apart, sandblast everything, check everything, change all the small expendable parts (such as orings, bolts, bearings), paint it, take off all the mounts and make it mint, like new.

DISC BRAKES conversion, we don’t have to talk about this too much. This is what you need for sure. Here we are talking about a set of custom made disc brake conversion. We don’t use a Toyota conversion or anything like that.

CV JOINTS, made by RCV.

AIR ACTUATORS FOR LOCKERS, for sure, this is a great thing, it engages the difflock right away, you need an air compressor to use it. It is a small price to pay to get fast and high performance.

LOCKER CUPS, performance racing.

HALFSHAFTS, nothing special to say, as we all know. Probably step 1 in any differential/axle upgrade.

CV JOINT BOOTS, we have to change that. Impossible to find new of the same material like originals used to be. We have ours made of better composite rubber and we have no problems at all.

RING AND PINIONS, performance racing parts, available in three ratios.

SPYDER GEARS, this is the top performance part that is absolutely indestructible.

PORTAL GEARS, slightly different than you are used to. Trust us, this one’s indestructible!

FOR AND QUESTION OR ORDER SEND AS MAIL ON    gordankrota@gmail.com